You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

When will my plant arrive?
All Plantsies are sent out for delivery within 2 days of your order confirmation. Delivery will take 1-5 business days depending on your location. Our goal is to get you your Plantsie as quickly as possible. If you are super excited and just can’t wait to meet your new plant pal, next day pick up is also available at our Calgary warehouse, located at 1918 – 9th Ave SE.
How will my plant arrive?
Your Plantsie will be delivered either by one of our Plantsie delivery team members or it will be delivered via Canada Post, depending on your location.
Can I pick my Plantsie up rather than pay for delivery?
You bet! Pick up is available at our Calgary location. As soon as your order is ready, we will send you a confirmation email to let you know your Plantsie is ready to be picked up to go to its new home.
Do you deliver to my area?
We currently offer delivery within Calgary and Okotoks with plans of expanding our delivery network very soon. 
Why does my plant look different from the website?
Just like every person is unique, every plant is unique. We take great pride in the care and attention of our plants, and we do our best to make sure our photos of our plants, and products are displayed as accurately as possible, however, due to the nature of the business, there can be slight variations from what is displayed online.
Something in my order is damaged, what do I do?
We are so sorry to hear that, we know how exciting it is to get a package and how frustrating it can be if something arrives not as expected. We always do our best to ensure our Plantsies are ready for their big journey, but plants are delicate and sometimes, well, compost happens. If any part of your order is damaged, please email us at hello@plantsie.com and we will fix it.
How do I care for my plant? I don’t have a green thumb and might need a little extra help.
Please see our Plant Care page on our website, we have lots of resources to make sure your new Plantsie thrives.
What happens if my plant dies?
If your Plantsie unfortunately passes away within 3 months of arrival, despite proper care, we will gladly replace it. Please contact us immediately, as soon as you notice your new Plantsie isn’t looking so good. We have lots of tips and tricks up our sleeves and can hopefully steer you away from having to part from your new found plant buddy. 

In the unlikely event a plant is received dead on arrival, don’t worry, we will always replace it.
Are plants safe for kids and pets?
Most plants are safe for kids and pets but there are some that are toxic if they were to be ingested. Your plant care card will identify if your Plantsie is considered toxic. If you do happen to have a plant that is toxic when ingested, please ensure they are safely out of reach from the little hands or paws.
Are your materials made from recycled material? 
Yes, all of our products and packaging was carefully thought out to ensure almost everything is recyclable. Please help us in our effort to make the world a little greener by making sure all packaging makes it into your recyle bin.
Why does my pot not have a drainage hole?
Drainage is a critical part of proper plant care. Our pots do not have drainage holes as they are meant to be a cover pot for the nursey pot your Plantsie arrived in. The nursery pot allows for water to drain out the bottom and into the cover pot if given a little too much to drink. It is design meeting functionality in a beautiful way.
What comes in the box OR what exactly do I get in my package?
Every Plantsie is carefully packaged in a thoughtfully designed box to ensure it is kept comfortable and safe during the delivery process. Inside of the box you will find your new plant in its nursery pot, nestled in the cover pot with it’s name stick, all ready to meet you. You will also find its personality card, care card and a welcome letter letting you know everything you need to make sure you and your new Plantsie will both be happy together.
I’m interested in placing a large order, how do I do that?
We love the fact that more Plantsies are going to find their forever homes! Whether you’re looking for branded client or employee gifts, a wedding favour or event branded gift, we love working with people and companies to create lasting and memorable (and not to mention green) gifts. 

If you have a need to place an order of 25+ Plantsies please contact us at hello@plantsie.com or by phone at 587-392-3486.