The Best Alternative to
Gift Baskets in Calgary.

We get it. You want to thank someone, congratulate them, or send a gift to help them celebrate a special day. Your immediate thought – Send them a Gift Basket!

But hold that thought for just a moment...
Gift baskets Calgary
Sure, gift baskets in Calgary are great and can absolutely make a statement, but here are 5 reasons why we think you should consider a Plantsie the next time you need to send a gift:

1. They are super thoughtful and personal

Plantsies are hands down the most thoughtful gift you can send. They offer a unique experience to build your very own custom Plantise, making it personal and perfectly tailored to the recipient and the occasion. You can pick the plant, pot, name, and personality, making it a one of kind gift guaranteed to make an impression.

2. They are Eco-Friendly and green

Each Plantsie comes nestled in their very own gift box, which is of course fully recyclable. Making it perfect for a birthday gift for delivery in Calgary. And what’s more green and environmentally friendly than sending a plant, am I right?

3. You don’t have to take into account and dietary restrictions

This day and age it seems like there are so many dietary needs - keto, vegan, paleo, gluten-free sugar-free etc. which is definitely something to consider if you’re sending a gift for delivery in Calgary. Plants on the other hand come with no dietary needs to ponder. We have both low maintenance plants and Pet-Friendly plants so a Plantsie is a great gift for anyone!

4. They last a really long time

If you’re anything like us, your gift basket goodies are gone within a few days – or let’s be honest, sometimes the same day. Planties on the other can truly last a lifetime. They mark the occasion and is something that can be enjoyed and remembered for years to come.

5. They are scientifically proven to improve your psychological and physical well-being

It’s no secret that houseplants can really brighten up a room and make it more visually appealing. But indoor plants do so much more than just look good, they can help us feel good and even make us healthier and happier too. Multiple studies have shown that plants help your mental health by improving your mood, reducing fatigue, anxiety and even improving memory and focus. Not to mention, a study by NASA suggests that plants can help clean the air and remove toxins. Talk about a feel-good gift!

6. They help you give back

When you send a Plantsie instead of a gift basket in Calgary, you’re not only doing something nice for someone else, but you’re also doing your part to make the world a little better. $1.00 from every Plantsie sold is donated to 1 of 5 charities chosen by the customer at checkout. Making sending a Plantsie as a gift a win/win.

7. They help build self-confidence

If you’re new to the world of houseplants, this might be news to you. But if you already have your own plant pals at home, well then, you know. It’s actually super rewarding to take care of plants. Watching a living thing flourish and grow under your care just makes you feel good.

So next time you think of sending a birthday gift, holiday gift, or really any gift for delivery in Calgary, send a Plantsie instead, we assure you it will become your new go-to gift.