About Us

Jaime Starchuk


Jaime’s first was a Fiddle Leaf Fig named Robin, who has seen her through many years of her adult life and brings her great joy to grow along side. Jaime loves early mornings, a good cup of coffee and spinning the wheels of her Peloton to get those creative juices flowing. Jaime’s business background has always been centred around operations. She brings with her an extreme attention to detail, unparalleled organizational skills and a reputation for excellence. All of which you see in what Plantsie has to offer.
Jeff Bradshaw


Jeff’s favorite plant is his big old Aloe Vera, named Walter, which he has propagated numerous times to create a whole new family of baby Aloe’s. When he’s not in the office, you will most likely find him spending time with his 3 kids, or in the mountains hiking, biking or skiing. Jeff also has 2 dogs, Ben and Howard, that constantly bring a smile to everyone’s face and who you will most likely find at Jeff’s feet wherever he goes. Over the years Jeff has been involved in a wide range of successful business ventures and Plantsie is by far one of the most exciting and fun ventures.

Both entrepreneurs at heart, this dynamic duo teamed up to bring a modern look, and new approach to houseplants.

Having backgrounds in marketing and communications they saw an opportunity to change the way that people see plants. More than just décor, houseplants are living things that can enhance your everyday life in so many ways. Jaime & Jeff’s goal is to create a real connection between you and your plants—to promote positivity. 

So whether you’re an experienced plant owner or stepping into the world of plants for the first time, our goal is to make the process of getting new plant pals simple and fun. 
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