The Cutest Easter Gift in Calgary

The Cutest Easter Gift in Calgary

Spring is finally here, and Easter is just around the corner. Which means it’s officially time to start planning your Easter gifts.

This year, why not mix it up a little a try something a different than the traditional foil wrapped eggs and colorful jellybeans?

Of course, we are talking about Plantises! Because really, what screams spring and says “Happy Easter” better than a fresh, green, living potted plant?

Here are 4 ways to incorporate Plantsies into your Easter gifting for 2022 - 

  • An Easter Basket Add-On
    We know parents are always searching for non-consumable options to fill their children’s Easter basket with. Plantsies are great for kids, it’s a cute way to learn about responsibility, and how things grow. Personalize it with their name, nick name or adorable Easter character name. A gift that will still be around next Easter. (Although by then, may require a bigger pot)

  • Bring Easter to Your Office
    While we know Easter isn’t one of those traditionally recognized holidays for offices to celebrate, but we know your company is forward thinking and creative so this may be up your ally. Why not plan a little scavenger hunt that doubles as a team building experience, and at the end of it all, everyone gets their own little Plantsie so keep them company and brighten their office space.

  • The Perfect Hostess Gift
    How lucky are you that you don’t have to spend hours planning, shopping, and cooking a delicious Easter meal, and just get to show up and enjoy it? Don’t forget to show your gratitude with something thoughtful for the hostess. A gift that is meaningful and shows your appreciation.

  • Surprise Your Clients
    Nothing is more memorable than something that is unexpected. Easter can be a great opportunity to remind your clients that you appreciate them. Even better, it’s a gift that is long lasting, and may even double as a center piece on this year’s holiday dinner table.

However you choose to celebrate Easter, we hope that it’s filled with loads of good memories, love and lots of “happiness”. If you want to know more information or looking for some creative ideas please email us at, our team will be happy to help you with your Easter gifts.

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