The Best Teacher Appreciation Gift in Calgary

The Best Teacher Appreciation Gift in Calgary

Let’s face it, without teachers, where would any of us truly be? Teaching is arguably the most important job in the world. Every teacher has shapes and impacts thousands of lives over the course of their career. We all know that a great teacher will always be remembered. The little life lessons and the impression they made on us can last a lifetime.

And since the end of the school year is just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to show just how grateful you are for those awesome teachers in your life. Whether it’s your kids schoolteachers, your personal trainer, or even a business mentor, make sure you say thank you to those have endless patience, show us care and concern, and take the time to impart their wisdom upon us.

The best ideas for teacher gifts are personalized, thoughtful, unique, and of course show appreciation. Luckily, we created some Plantsies that make the perfect teacher’s gift for any type of teacher:

Einstein - The Mentor
That’s right, we love teachers so much we created a Plantsie Personality to honor them.


Einstein Gift in Calgary

Thank You
If you can’t think of the right words to say, just say “Thank You” in every single way.



Thank you gift in calgary

Or, have some fun and Create Your Own customized Plantsie just for them. You could use your teacher’s name, a nick name, or meaningful word to include on the name stick. And don’t forget about music teachers, librarians, and support staff. Because it’s true what they say, it really does take a village. Show them just how smart and creative they taught you to be by naming a Plantsie for a librarian “Book Worm”, or “Harmony” for a music teacher.

We know it’s not an easy job, but I think we can all agree we are so dang thankful for all the amazing teachers out there. So this year don’t just give another coffee mug or apple themed paraphernalia (unless is an iPad) and give a gift that is thoughtful and that your teacher will truly love and appreciate: a Plantsie.


shop online gift in calgaryOur goal is Plantsie is to spread job and create more reasons to be thoughtful so our team would love to help you with an order to thank and the important teachers in your life. Email us at  

We offer local delivery in Calgary, and every Plantsie comes nestled in its very own gift box.


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