Say Thank You to The Real Bosses

Say Thank You to The Real Bosses

Administrative Professionals.

They are the people who keep the entire office on track. 

The hard-working dedicated team members that juggle hundreds of different jobs, handle all the details, and make your life easier.  They remember important dates. They keep your office running smoothly and efficiently and are always there to help you with last-minute requests.  They remember birthdays, anniversaries and important dates and April 27 is the day to recognize them and show your appreciation. Administrative Professionals Day is the day to say thank you to the people that have your back day in and day out.

There are a lot of options for Administrative Professional’s Day gifts, but we think Plantsies are truly the best way to show your appreciation.

Here are seven reasons why:

  1. Plantsies can be customized with the recipient’s name or a fun office nickname making it personal, meaningful and thoughtful.

  2. You can pick a Personality Card that you think reflects the recipient. “The Superstar” or “The Hustler” may be a perfect fit.

  3. Order for your team and include your logo printed on a Wooden Pop in the plant.

  4. Receiving and unboxing a Plantsie is an experience. There really is nothing else like it.

  5. Plants are all the rage right now. (Thank you Covid?)

  6. Plants not only brighten up a workspace, but they can purify the air and reduce stress.

  7. Plants last and symbolize growth. Pretty fitting for any company?

Whether you need one or are looking to order for your entire office. (Yes, we offer bulk discounts) Our team will make sure you are prepared to wow them and earn the title of “Best Boss Ever.”

To begin your gift order for Administrative Professionals Day, shop online now, call us at 587-392-3486, or send an email to

We offer local delivery in Calgary, so whether your team is all in the office or everyone is still working from home, we can help you make their day extra special with a surprise delivered right to their door.

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