Plantsie Teams up with the United Way to Grow a Better Tomorrow

Plantsie Teams up with the United Way to Grow a Better Tomorrow


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With the common goal of creating positive change in our community, Plantsie is thrilled to be partnering with the United Way to make the world a little better (and a little greener).  

For the month of September, $10 from every United Way Plantsie sold will be invested in our community. The United Way Plantsies are helping local people, supporting our most vulnerable neighbours, and making sure no one is left behind. 

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Plantsie is a local Calgary based company offering a new twist on indoor house plants. Plantsies come with a name and a whole lot of personality. We like to think of them more like friends or little green buddies, rather than just décor you add to a shelf. 

Plantsies are thoughtful, meaningful, and serve as a living, daily reminder that you’re awesome, totally loved and are never truly alone.

Multiple studies have shown that plants help keep you healthier and happier offering both psychological and physical health benefits such as improving your mood, reducing fatigue and anxiety, and improving work performance and focus. Like animals, houseplants can improve a person’s mood by allowing you to care for something other than yourself. This can create a sense of connection which can alleviate feelings of loneliness.  Plants are more than just home decor; they add a whole new dimension to your otherwise space at home and work.

At Plantsie, we aim to spread positivity, motivation, good vibes and a little personality in everything we do and inspire others to get involved to do the same. Giving back to the community is part of our core values and partnering with the United Way is an honour. 

People often say they can’t grow plants because they don’t have a “green thumb.” This is simply not true! Everyone is capable of caring for houseplants and everyone should get to enjoy the benefits of living with plants.  The truth is, besides all of the health and wellness benefits that plants offer, they also can give us confidence, teach us patience and ultimately improve our daily quality of life. 

So whether you’re new to the world of houseplants or already have a house or office full of them, get your United Way Plantsie, and don’t forget to give it a little high five for helping to create positive change in our community!

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