For the Mothers like No Other

For the Mothers like No Other

Not all super heroes wear capes – in fact, some wear the same black leggings 5 days in a row and have cereal stuck in their hair. But being a mom is by far the most magical superpower you could possess. Forget ice powers and flying when moms are multitasking queens, wrangling kiddos, meal planning, and always putting the needs of others before their own. It’s a thankless job, but one that moms will continue to do to the best of their ability each and every day.

Many of us were well into our thirties before we realized just how much our moms have done for us over the years. Whether it’s a mom, stepmom, aunt, sister, or grandma who raised you, now is the time to thank the wonderful women in your life. And although you might never be able to pay her back for everything, she’s done for you, a Plantsie is a great way to show your love and gratitude.

Here are a few reasons why Planties make awesome Mother’s Day Gifts:

  • They can be customized with your mom’s name, special nickname or even an inside joke making it personal, meaningful and thoughtful…because you know it’s the thought that really counts.

  • It’s a gift that will last and grow with her, reminding her each and every day why you are her favourite.

  • It’s creative, fun and eco-friendly.

  • Indoor house plants have been shown to clean the air, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve focus.

  • Comes with a heartfelt Mother’s Day Card message, gift box and bow.

Choose from one of our carefully curated Mother’s Day Plantsies or Create Your Own. Either way, we’re sure it will be the perfect gift for any mom. 

Mothers Day Collections

To begin your Mother’s Day gift order, please contact us by calling us, or send us an email at

We offer local delivery in Calgary, so we can help surprise your mom and make her day extra special.

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