13 Reasons to Send a Plantsie That You Won’t Find on a Calendar

13 Reasons to Send a Plantsie That You Won’t Find on a Calendar

Sure, we may be a little biased, but ultimately we are all about spreading thoughtfulness and good vibes. So whether the reason is more mainstream or a little less conventional we are here for it. Here are 13 reasons to send someone a Plantsie…some of which might not have even crossed your mind.

  1. When You Need to Feel Better
    Usually making someone else’s day actually makes yours too.

  1. Your Friend Finally Deleted their Tinder Profile
    Yay! They finally found someone who loves pineapple on their pizza as much they do.

  1. Your Dog Pooped on Your Friend’s Carpet
    True story this happened – the dog had diarrhea. It was nice shag rug. She named the plant after the dog.

  1. Galentine’s Day
    Not an official holiday, but probably should be. And just a reminder it’s coming up on February 13th and yes, we will have a Plantsie for that.

  1. Their Favourite TV Just Ended
    Because we can all get too emotionally attached to our favourite shows. Why not send a Plantsie named after their fav character with another show recommendation they can binge watch in the gift card.

  1. Someone Graduated from High School
    Nothing says welcome to adulthood like having to care for something else.

  1. Someone Got COVID
    Whether you gave it to them, they got it for a 3rd time, or they just really hate isolating…COVID sucks, but Plantsies help.

  1. You spilled wine on your sister’s dress.
    That you borrowed. Without asking. Seriously, if there was ever a time to apologize.

  1. Someone’s Feeling a little Blue
    Send some positive vibes and a new plant pal to keep them company.

  1. Someone broke their PR on Peloton
    For your Pelton squad…because who wouldn’t want a Cody Rigsby plant. #BooCrew

  1. Your friend is Having a Really Rough Week.
    Remind her that she’s totally got this.

  1. Hostess Gift
    Not having to meal plan, grocery shop, cook, or clean up…priceless.

  1. Your Friend Stuck to her Diet
    Trading cookies for celery isn’t easy and should absolutely be rewarded.

Long story short, there’s always occasions to send something, whether it’s a Birthday gift, Valentine’s Day gift, Mother’s Day gift, or Anniversary gift. But we think the best gifts are the ones that are thoughtful and totally unexpected. So go ahead…make someone’s day! 

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